My Kids Know I’m Not Perfect

My kids are still at the age where they think I’m OK. What is “cool” has not entered their worldview yet. I don’t even know if “cool” is good to say anymore. So, while I am enjoying this phase where my kids aren’t embarrassed of me, I also realize that they still think I am completely capable and all-knowing.

**News flash** I’m not perfect. Not even close.

My six-year-old is starting to figure this out. In the past year alone, I have forgotten his lunch (including the first day of school), picked him up 2 hours late from school, dropped him off for school the day BEFORE it was supposed to start, and today, I forgot his snack. I suppose that’s not a big thing, but since his love language is food, I felt bad.

I am so scatterbrained. My mom says I like “organized chaos.” When I was a kid, I cleaned my room once and took a picture because I was so proud. Clearly, super-organized is not the norm for me. (confession- I have a housekeeper now. I couldn’t live without her.) This chaos thing quit working when we had kids. I am realizing I have to actually implement a little discipline in my life, and do those smart things my mom probably did but I never noticed.

Good news is- God redeems our shortcomings. Through all my mistakes with my kids, I have been able to show them humility and say that I’m sorry. I think that’s an important thing for them to learn. And every time I get to say I’m sorry, I get a chance to love on my kids in a way that shows them I’m not perfect, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

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