Know Your Superhero

My kids want to be superheroes. They are boys. It’s what they do. IT”S WHO GOD CREATED THEM TO BE. They want to save the world, fight the bad guys, wear the cape and mask, and rescue the girl.


But even more than wanting to be superheroes, they admire their own superheroes- Captain America, Ironman, and the Hulk are some of the favorites.  IMG_0868I gotta admit, super strength, the ability to fly, having a super cool shield- it’s all pretty cool. But the kids have decided Jesus is the BEST superhero. And it’s not because we told them.

You see, Jesus can do ANYTHING.

“Jesus can crush a sea urchin in his hand, and not get poked.’

“Jesus can erase the world (but he wouldn’t want to obviously)”

“Jesus can stop time.”

“Jesus can turn everybody into cats.”

“Jesus can make everything into candy.”

Clearly he can do some pretty cool stuff. But what I love, is their absolute faith that HE CAN.

Life is uncertain, and when your future isn’t clearly lit up with arrows and signs, and 5-year plans, and complete instructions on what you will be doing and how you will do, it’s nice to know that the ONE who CAN is in charge. Pretty super.


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