Preparing for Life Abroad

Josh and I have done this “overseas living” for over 8 years now. Basically, that makes us an expert. Did I mention we both GREW UP overseas? As such, I feel like I have a lot to offer. Just kidding. Truth be told, some days I feel like I have learned nothing. Other days, I see new friends that have just moved here that are learning the culture, the town, directions, the language, ETC far faster than I ever did or possible ever will.

Enough comparisons. God recently convicted me that we are now in a position to offer encouragement and possibly some words of wisdom to those who are new to living overseas, or who are considering it. Not because we know it all. But because we are also still learning. And if there is anything that i have ever learned IN MY ENTIRE LIFE, is that we need community, and need to know that we are not alone.

So I offer my encouragement. I offer you what I have learned. And what I wish I knew sooner. And many funny stories along the way, because this wouldn’t be my blog if someone wasn’t laughing. Even if it’s just me laughing at myself. (coping mechanism). There is NO one way of doing this. That much is certain. But here is our story, our words, our life. And there is our ONE God, whose perfect plan and direction for each of us is…. well, perfect. Thank you, Jesus.   IMG_1173

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