Balancing the Salt

Salt is a tricky thing. It can take a bland dish of food, and bring out all the flavors if just the right amount is added. Not enough= bland. Too much= this morning’s scrambled eggs that ended up mostly in the trash. They were bad. I mean, really bad. The only reasoning that I had for WHY I over-salted the eggs was that I used my non-dominant hand and had not consumed any coffee. Cooking while half-asleep apparently doesn’t work for me.


So, mornings like this cause me to reflect on the verse about being the salt of the earth (Matthew 5:13). Just as salt should be a pleasant seasoning, and bring life to an otherwise lifeless plate of food, we should allow Christ to shine through our lives and be like a pleasing seasoning to those around us.

People should be drawn towards Christ because of how we have allowed Him to flavor our heart and outward expressions that come from that. 

Can we “over-season” Christ? Can we become like this morning’s scrambled eggs because we are too SALTY? I don’t think we can ever have too much of Jesus. In fact, I want him to take over every corner of my life and radiate through me. But can I give off a terrible flavor of Him to those around me? I do believe we can. It doesn’t mean that I’ve ruined His name or WHO He is, but my representation of Him can be distasteful.

I can hit people over the head with my Bible to get them into the “kingdom”. Distasteful.

I can talk and write and sing about Him all day, and live with a sour expression on my face and complaints on my lips. Distasteful.

I can tell people all about Him, but not live and LOVE like Him. Distasteful.

So how do we get it right? There is no recipe for the amount of salt needed in the Christian life. The only instruction we are given is to not let it lose it’s saltiness. Don’t become lukewarm about the single best gift that we have ever been given!

I wish I had the magical answer, or the recipe to follow. However, what I have learned in my own life, is that daily relationship with Jesus helps us to live as He would live, love as He would love, and radiate His likeness to those around us. Jesus was the perfect balance of saltiness.

Ecclesiastes 3 talks about seasons for everything- weeping versus laughing, speaking versus being silent, planting versus harvesting. Jesus knew when to confront and when to show grace. He knew when speak truth and He knew when to simply be the example to follow. He knew when to work and when to rest. But He never quit being in fellowship with His Father, and I believe that is KEY.

Psalm 1:3 says that we should be like a tree planted by streams of water, and if we are, our leaves will stay green and we will yield fruit in SEASON. The tree doesn’t have to put forth effort to make the fruit- it just needs to stay planted by that living water which is God. The fruit, the opportunities for sharing about Him, seeing people come to know Christ- it will happen NOT because of our own effort but because we have stayed rooted by the streams of living water, and He has allowed exactly the right amount of saltiness to radiate from our lives and draw people to Himself because of our obedience and steadfastness.


Don’t lose your saltiness. It’s a beautiful thing. Stay rooted in Christ and let Him allow the right amount of salt to season our words, our actions, and be an enticing flavor to those around us. He is good, all the time.

2 thoughts on “Balancing the Salt

  1. Seems like I remember some salty eggs when we were there! 😉 the same parable came to mind and you illustrated it beautifully. Yes, allowing God to use us in just the right doses. When up to me I over or under salt! Thanks for sharing this!

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