Living in the (non)Perfect

If you want to have a “(non)perfect” life like me, then you should not live in a perfect place. Avoid places that have consistent heating and air units that keep you comfortable year-round. Find a place that is hot and sticky and humid 9 months out of the year, both inside and out. This will keep you from becoming vain because of your perfect hair. Avoid places that do not have bugs or piles of scrap wood. Otherwise, your children will not have anything to play with.


Avoid places where the roads are wide and smooth, and drivers follow the rules of the road. It’s a well-known fact the potholes and unpredictable drivers will keep your mind and reflexes sharp, and your brain will function better as you get older.

If you really want to live life to the fullest, but not to the perfect, then move somewhere where you cannot face the day alone. Find a place where your very existence needs a higher power, a Creator, to give you the strength each day to face the menial tasks and challenges, and not to cave in to the stress that it creates. Places where you don’t speak the language, and when you do know some words, you don’t understand enough. Places where shopping is an all-day event, and finding what you want might not happen. Places that are far from loved ones, from newborn nieces and nephews, far from weddings and funerals, and far from hugs and family meals at holiday times.

Find a place where that same Creator brings you joy through breathtaking sunrises, through smiles, through exploring the unknown. Places with untouched beaches and tropical forests. Places where monkeys and humans play together, and wild animals share the same trails as your bike ride. Places where time moves so slow that you can sit on the floor and drink tea with friends and talk. Find a place where YOU are not enough on your own, but where YOU need HIM, and together can find joy and life through the beauty and the challenges that each day brings.


I guess you don’t have to move somewhere exotic. But seek to find something new, something uncomfortable right where you are. Find the beauty in the things that surround you, face the challenges when you would rather look away, and make time to talk with friends, old and new. Don’t settle for being comfortable all the time, but take a step of faith and know that a little adventure will be an amazing life-giving thing.


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