Don’t Forget to Look Up

I don’t know about you, but I’m not fully normal human in the morning. I roll out of bed. Literally. I have to roll to avoid stepping on the dog sleeping on the floor. Somehow I make it downstairs and get the coffee ready. I can do it on autopilot now. Whenever we get a new coffee pot (they burn out from overuse), I have to actually PAY ATTENTION to what I’m doing. But most morning, I work on autopilot. Then I grab my phone, or iPad, or Bible (whichever is charged. I kind of love it when the battery is dead on everything else and I have to use the real paper Bible. Old school is cool). I sit down for some time of quiet in the morning, reading a portion of the Word, letting truth slowly sink in. I consume two or three cups of coffee- whatever feels right. By this point, the kids are waking up and ready to get the day started.

One morning I noticed that I have an ocean view outside my living room. WHAT?!?!? It’s actually always there. Best part about the ocean is that it doesn’t go away. But I forget to notice it. I’ve got my head down, and I’m getting stuff done.


I forget to notice the most beautiful thing in the world because I forget to look up.

I spend a lot of time on autopilot, whether it’s getting ready for the day, preparing food, grocery shopping, checking Facebook, or any of the other umpteen things that occupy my day. And then the day is done and I get to start all over the next morning.

Finding joy and gratitude and amazingness does not always come naturally. It’s very easy to let negativity and complaints take over until we are feeling overwhelmed with responsibility, stuck in a rut, or running on a hamster wheel. For me, the feeling is when the waves of life overwhelm and I feel like I’m sinking.


I think God made the sky to be amazing on purpose. Whether it’s a sunrise, sunset, cloudy day, lightning storm, or starry night, it is amazing. Something us humans can’t replicate. It’s something that reminds us that God is so much bigger than us, than our problems, than our finite understanding. God is BEAUTY– even in the midst of a storm, you can see His power, His majesty, and His gentle reminder of His promise when the storm stops and the rainbow shines through.

The sunrise each morning reminds us that His mercies are new every morning.


The sunset reminds us to end the day with beauty, and with peace, not with fighting and bitterness.


The changing moon and the stars remind us that His light is constant, but there will be seasons we go through. But He is constant and faithful and carries us through the seasons in His perfect grace.


When I look UP, I am overwhelmed.

  • Not by my problems. I’m overwhelmed by God’s sovereignty.
  • Not by the ugliness of the world. I’m overwhelmed by the beauty of His creation.
  • Not by the daily demands on ME. I’m overwhelmed that God loves me.

God, overwhelm me today. With you. Less of me, more of you. And let Your light shine.


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