Perspective and Purple Avocados


Monday’s are Taco Night at the Ghrist house. Actually, any evening where we host friends for dinner is Taco Night, because it is my one meal that doesn’t go wrong. Let’s face it, cooking gourmet meals is not for everyone. Some of us aim for edible, with delivery pizza as a backup option. It’s how I do life and I accept it.

But our tacos are yummy, so we eat them on Monday nights. Monday’s can be so…. Mondayish… and the anticipation of a good dinner makes it a little easier.

So the other day, as my son and I were making guacamole, he pointed out that our avocados were purple. I picked it up, turned it around, and saw nothin but a brown-skinned avocado.

Then it set it back down, and saw what he saw.

From his perspective, it was a purple avocado. The lighting, the reflection of something purple nearby- it made the avocado look purple.

And it got me thinking about perspective.

Sometimes we just need to move from where we are to see things a different way. And sometimes we need to see things a different way.

I’ve been a little convicted lately that my perspective on a whole lotta stuff has involved me figuratively sitting in a dark corner, casting judgment on the things that pass me by. The little sliver of light that I allow myself to cast on those thing or people or situations has only allowed me to embrace the negativity and I find myself doing the only thing one can do- complain.

It ain’t pretty


I get frustrated at people’s actions, or fears, or decisions, and I realize I’m seeing it all from my own sliver of light. There is a whole heck of a lot more happening than I can see, but I’m not willing to move out of my comfortable dark corner to see the situation in full light.

See, when we step out of our comfortable place, with our limited perspective, we get… Uncomfortable. And then God can show us what He’s been wanting to show us all along.

His perspective. His light. His point of view.

Where I see cowardice, He compassionately sees His child trying to take a step of bravery. Maybe I could come alongside and be supportive.

Where I see rash decisions, He sees His child doing their best within the realm of what they can handle. Maybe I can offer my encouragement and life experiences. And then let it go and be a friend.

Where I see His children not acting like His children, He weeps. Maybe I need to start with checking my own heart, and then the world will seem a little less frustrating, and a little more like a place where I can help, where I can encourage, and where I can quit judging and start loving.

I have a long ways to go. But every time I have surrendered my sight to Him, I have been amazed at the difference in my own life when I look through the lens of a loving God.

My difficult circumstance quits looking like an impossibility, and more like an opportunity for personal growth and compassion for those whose situations are harder.

So. I’m gonna keep working on moving around a little. Getting some different perspective. Praying for HIS perspective.

And even though it’s a Friday, guacamole is sounding pretty good right now. Because any day is better with guacamole. Purple avocados and all.


6 thoughts on “Perspective and Purple Avocados

  1. Good words!!!! I love the scene in the Soul Surfer movie where the youth leader is showing the youth group pictures up close and then backing up to see whole picture and get a different perspective. Glad you wrote these words this morning, I neeemd to back up and see the whole picture today.

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