The Dirt is My Story

Last week, I guest-posted (??) at my friend’s blog, but we were away visiting friends on an island in the middle of the ocean (ask me how happy that made me!), so I wasn’t able to post it to my blog. But check it out, over at Julie’s blog. She and her husband Adam have been very supportive friends through our time in Texas, as well as serving on several mission trips to work with our ministry here at Lighthouse for Christ Mission in Kenya. Read on. Enjoy my dirt. 🙂


I’ve got boys. We live in Africa. Needless to say, my life revolves around how much dirt we have accumulated on our clothes, under our fingernails (and sometimes up our nose!) and embedded in my couch because my dirty boys feel like they can make themselves at home… (I recently found a great couch-cleaning service. So thankful for that.)


As I decorate my home, I choose flooring that won’t show the dirt and couches that wash easily and are neutral in color to disguise the dirt. I no longer wear white clothes because that would be ridiculous.

However, I LOVE the dirt because it is the story of our life, our experiences, our adventures. It reminds me that we are living.


Read the rest of the post HERE at

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