Let’s Put Away Those Pedestals

I’ve had the honor of blogging today over at my friend, Jennifer’s, site- beyondthenook.com. I got to meet her a couple of years ago when we were in Texas, and she has continued to be an encouragement to me in my life schooling journey. She regularly reminds me to accept the gift of grace that is is freely given to us by our Savior, in life, in motherhood, in schooling. Here’s my encouragement to you, my friends, to put away some pedestals that are getting in the way of that amazing gift of grace and a full life. 

Comparison is my weakness. I’m pretty sure it’s a common theme amongst us women, based on the number of blogs I’ve read about it, and inspirational quotes that are out there. But it persists.
Take that a step further, and let’s talk about assumptions. Unrealistic assumptions about what other people are doing, how fitted they are for their calling, and how flawless their days go.
I think certain people get put up on pedestals. Unrealistic pedestals because people assume that things are a certain way for those certain kinds of people.

**keep reading at beyondthenook.com

(And please keep reading because there is redemption at the end!) 🙂

– Maggie

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