How to DEAL when we get DERAILED

Wednesdays are notoriously hard for me. They are days full of Kingdom-building things, and as a result, my heart struggles to keep from drowning in discouragement. 
Today was one such day. Woke up early to prepare for our morning Bible study that we host, and my whole being was resistant to even getting off the couch. An hour later, I realized that my herd, a combination of children and pets, had made a huge stinkin mess in our schoolroom, and anger overtook. Oddly enough, our Bible study was on controlling our anger. I didn’t do such a great job.

Anyway, the circumstances and attitudes of the early morning put me in a place where I just couldn’t DO school. 

As a homeschooling mom, there is literally something that happens everyday where I want to toss the books aside and do something else. Anything else. Scrubbing baseboards or organizing old tax returns sometimes sounds more appealing than teaching my precious crew.

Something I’m learning is that teaching and life schooling is so much more than books or curriculum or what was planned for the day. 

When I just can’t DO, we do something else. Something good. Life-giving. Active. Nourishing to the spirit. And I NOTICE the good. And then one life-giving thing leads to another and the gloomy clouds roll away. 

Never, ever, ever let the good go unnoticed. 

Today, when my morning was derailed, I mopped up the mess in the schoolroom, closed the door, and loaded the kids into the car to go swim. A couple of hours at the pool may sound like a total cop-out on a good education, but I noticed the good.

We got exercise. Happy endorphins, especially for ME.

We got sunshine. Vitamin D. Take that, vitamin-enriched cereal and milk. 

My kids played water polo with some other kids. They learned a new sport. They interacted with other little humans. They got team-time, which is a rare opportunity for us.

I got a little quiet time to reflect on the events of the morning and how I can turn things around. What I need to work on. Talk to my Jesus about how I can better deal with being so easily derailed. 

I’m the first to admit that I struggle with daily, consistent, anything.  Math everyday is such a CHORE. Chores are such a CHORE. (Even chore charts are a CHORE. I got rid of them. They were stressing me out). But if my kids learn anything during  these years of schooling at home, I hope it’s that we can turn things around. Our circumstances and our plans are not going to define us or dictate our day, but our hearts should always be in tune to listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit tugging on our hearts to be inclined to Him. To love. To live. To share that love and that life and joy.

Sometimes, many times, doing life with the kids and teaching them in the midst of it leads to the most important lessons learned. I can’t forget that when I close the books.

One thought on “How to DEAL when we get DERAILED

  1. I laughed at what you thought of you would rather do… Wash baseboards or organize tax returns… Sounds like things your parents would do!! I love reading your things and like this new forum :). Mostly, can’t wait to see you for the whole second half of this year!! Love, mom


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