Jars and Stones

I’m working through this life lesson right now on being weak and surrendering ALL that I have to be used for God’s glory. 

I don’t feel very confident in my own abilities right now. As a missionary on furlough, our job is to organize speaking engagement and get-togethers, and I AM NOT a LOGISTICS person. Our job is to share our story and our heart, and WE ARE NOT SPEAKERS. Our job is to raise support while we have a chance to meet people face to face. WHO LIKES ASKING for MONEY? 

I empathize with Gideon, who felt he was the least of his clan with a small army. I empathize with David, the youngest son, who had no armor and a sling and stones to defeat Goliath. I empathize with Joshua who had some big walls in front of him. 

And yet, God delighted in using these men, who WERE the least and who HAD the least, to do the MOST. In the most unconventional ways. 

Gideon fought the battle with jars and trumpets. David fought the battle with a sling and stones. Joshua fought the battle with walking and yelling. 

What is God equipping ME with today to fight the battle He’s called me to?

Right now we are living in faith and a prayer. I’m not sure if we will get some unusual gadget to tell about later on. But He’s reminding me I DO have stories to share, of His calling and His provision, where He came through in such a way only He could be glorified, and none other. 

A couple of years ago, we still had to raise $5,000 and had 10 days left before going to our Africa home. We shared our need in church, humbly, boldly, trusting. We raised $4,500. I love our church. Afterwards, we went to lunch, and a lady came up to us and offered to pay for our lunch. Then another man came up to us and handed us a check for the REMAINING $500, since he missed giving it to us at church. Wow. Just wow. 

God know our needs. He only asks for obedience and faith in Him to do it in His own big way. 

What’s your story?

To God Alone Be the Glory. 

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