Who Am I?


My name is Maggie. I grew up as a “missionary kid”, went to a boarding school for missionary kids, met and married another missionary kid, and together we became “missionaries.” Truth be told, I don’t even like that word. I prefer “person who works overseas because God said to, but still perfectly normal, whatever that is” That’s a long title. Guess I should be an expert on this whole “missionary” thing, huh? Not even close. Since 2006, in the time that my husband and I have been serving in Africa, I have wondered what in the world God has called us to. I am a priceless child of God. I am a cherished wife. I am blessed to be a mother to THREE crazy boys. I love to laugh. I love to make others laugh. If you tell me I made you laugh, it will make my day. This blog is meant to enourage and inspire by helping others see the reality of my daily walk on this earth. God has called each of us to be great, but greatness is often mistaken for perfection. Through humor and honesty, I am here to show that God’s definition of greatness is so different than ours, but He can redeem any of our imperfections into something BEAUTIFUL! I also aim to encourage others who are finding that God is directing their steps abroad, or who are living abroad and needing to know they aren’t alone…. It’s a crazy life but a wonderful one.

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